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Please, remember to keep it civil here guys!

Eric ELM

To all members new and old
When you compose a post for the whole world to read, remember, there are women, kids, and others that don't like to see some of the 4 letter words that get used. Write it like you would an estimate for a job. If you use a bunch of 4 letter words in it, how many jobs would you get?

As Chuck Keough said in another post:

<B>"I spend hours upon hours trying to make lawnsite.com a better community for you guys. Please take into consideration the rest of the community when you post.

I will not tolerate the language and attacks. I don't have enough time to babysit and edit your discussions so I will just start deleting your memberships". </B>

Don't forget to click on the banners at the top. This helps fund Lawnsite by visiting these sponsors. This is the least we can do for Chuck Keough, so go click on them all now and see what they have to offer. I visit them daily and if everyone did, it would help off set the cost of running this site, BIG TIME. :)


For those of you who don't know, Chuck Keough is the webmaster / owner of Lawnsite.com

He is the one that provides this great forum for us!

~Chuck Smith
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I agree 100%!There is no need for bad language and personal attacks on this fourm.I had no idea about the banner at the top!I will visit those sites more often now!Thanks for the post eric!

John Allin

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The attacks must be on the other discussion forums....

All I see here on the plowing discussion is love, love, love....... and education, interaction, information....

Ok, you're right about the banners.

I'll go there now....



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Try to look past that so called wit. While those guys' brains are attempting to formulate a good response to any questions (and believe me, you can't find better answers to any of the questions posted here at any other location that I've ever seen) and help their fellow posters, a section of their brains creates a little fun humor. This is to relieve any built up pressure inside their heads that may result from their concentrating on past experiences in order to formulate a coherent & educational response to any questions posed. Its kind of like that cross over relief valve in many plow set ups (do they all work like that?). Without it you'd have a lot of broken plows, or in the case of not releasing humorous pressure at this forum, you'd have an unexplained gooey puddle of mess in front of computer screens in Iowa, Erie, NJ, Maine, NY, VT, PA, MI etc. And then we here at Lawnsite would be responsible for wasting the public's hard earned tax money while local authorities, with the help of the FBI investigate all of these exploding heads across the country. Just pick the relevant info out of the mess & run with it!! ;)
Think snow!!

Chuck Smith

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Well said BRL!

I posted this subject as a reminder.


You are right, the personal attacks were on another forum. I haven't seen any in this forum in a long time.

There's nothing wrong with a little humor, it helps give this forum "character" and believe me, we have some real characters here! It also makes this more like a real community.

~Chuck Smith
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