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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ronslawncare, Sep 18, 2001.

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    whats the key ingrediants to a lush green lawn besides irrigation ,aeration ,thatching,or sod

    right now im useing scotts and i really dont think there programs that good alot of fert you spreed has weeds in it .i just used seed on one of my customers lawns last month it came from a sod farm near me .called delalio comes up quick and lush green .1.50 pound but its worth it. anyways the scotts anual program im thinking of dropping starting something new next year.anyone got any suggestion particulary eric hint hint .seriously any advice would be great. thanx ronnie
  2. ronslawncare

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    i forgot to add this do any of you guys lime in spring or fall and how are the results .....i now you need to test the ph first of the lawn acidity.but results is what im wondering about
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    Ok Ok stop punishing me with the run on sentences!

    A good lush green lawn is the product of good soil and good seed, further enhanced by good irrigation practices. Getting good soil usually means taking a soil test and following the directions from your county ext. agent. for the grass type you wish to grow, and following up with a good combination of organic and chemical supplements as the turf uses the nutrients in the soil. I don't do organic on everyone, but my backyard has not been fertilized this year, grows slow and is dark green. It is the result of 3 years of organic fertilizer. most clients won't wait 3 years for good soil results so do your best with blends, avoiding the fast lush growth if possible. Daveg
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    so stay away from rye.what kind of organics peat.compost
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    ron, i used to run the scotts program on my lawn and didn't see the results i wanted so i switched to a fert. called green view, but i still used the scotts turf builder, that stuff works great. in march i put down a 12-12-12, then the crab grass green view begging of april. the dandilion stuff in late april and sprayed and weeds and broadleaf that came up after that with ortho weed prevention. and the lawn looked great until the drought hit now the lawn is starting to come back but with weeds and broadleafsince most of grass went dormant. but if i didn't get a dought i would of hit the lawn with the turf builder in july, opps forgot to say use merit for grubs, and i will hit the lawn with 2 apps. of 12-12-12 this fall.
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    Joshua, where have you been? How is school going?

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