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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ghopper3345, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I agree that the QB editor is clunky and I really never went as far as to try to use it to create any forms. I think the OP has a good idea- find somebody who is good at it to do it for you. That is a great looking form, but it's not quite finished. You do need to have some idea about functionality and design, not just give it to somebody and say do it then accept what they hand you.
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    I don't have Corel and am not going to buy it to edit the estimates. I can't find a converter either to edit with photoshop which I already have. Still not sure how else I can do it.
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    Find someone to do it for you! Like the OP did.
  4. CL&T

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    Photoshop wouldn't help you anyway. Besides being Adobe and like Illustrator it doesn't support that file format, Photoshop is a photo editing application not a graphics application. For what you would pay for Corel you could get sombody to create a form for you several times over.
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    Hi Grasshopper-

    I tried reaching out to you a few months back but thought I'd give this one more try. In your post above, you mention finding a guy that customized your QB invoice for $125. We are looking to do the same, but aren't having any luck finding designers that can do that work. Would you mind sharing that designers contact info so that we may reach out to him? I'd be willing to pay you $100 for your efforts if we're able to connect with and hire the designer. Or, if you prefer, we'll do up to $150 in decals for your company at no cost (we're a sign/decal company). You'd be doing us a big favor! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Jim
  6. cclllc

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    I use QuickBooks but my invoices all are emailed for the most part. A lot of customers want me to text them the amounts. Editing the fields are easy once you do it a few times.

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