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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scott's turf, Feb 17, 2003.

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    Often, a homeowner's policy will contain limits on property like this, but will cover a small amount, like $500 or $1,000 for trailers and mowers and such.

    Also, my commercial liablility policy doesn't include scheduled items like my mowers, I prefer to self-insure for those, but the declarations page does again show small coverages , $500-$1000, for equipment. Check your policies.

    Your outbuilding structure itself should be covered under the "other structures" portion of your policy. If it was a nice one, it would provide some cash towards replacing your mowers too, and you could just make do w/o the shed (trailer/tarp) till you could afford another one.

    This example shows how it's important to check your coverages regularly to make sure you're covered. I have a new Lazer Z and am buying another new wb, so I may have to up my coverage accordingly.
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    Yes, I have learned a painfull lesson. I built the shed for around $1500 materials. My Father inlaw owns a saw mill so I was able to get all the framing and clapboards for free. I have estimates from builders right now at around $6k. So that should help.
    Outbuilding is at $20k and personal property is around $150k. This is where is gets tricky. The adjuster is coming over on Tuesday so we will see. All the receits I have are made out to my name and my truck and trailer with my other mowers are at my parents house. Maybe they will cover it under the homeowners.
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    Update on our fire.

    we just got a check last week that completely covered all our loses. I built the original building for about 5k less than they gave us in the claim as well! Spent a good chunck already last week on a new lazer, ultra vac, 2 Shindawia blowers, 2 echo trimmers, an echo hedge trimmer, and a stihl chainsaw. It will be nice to have all brand new equipment although I would give it all back to not have had to go through all this. I am planning on building a new 16'X24' garage this spring. We don't have a walk out basement or garage so it is a major pain in the but to walk in and out of the basement through a bulk head. I have now updated all my insurances to cover all possible losses and purchased 3 huge fire extinguishers.
    Thanks for all your incouragement. Looks like things are going to work out fine!

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    life's just one big lesson in character building.take the negetive and flip it over to a positive.you can do it. :) kevin
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    Good to hear that you are getting back up on your feet again. If the building is gonna be heated, you may want to think about adding a sprinkler system to it. The cost is really not that much considering the amount of pain and suffering it could save.

    If I ever build a house I will have one in the house for sure.

    Good Luck with your new stuff.
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    Good idea Mow Ed. It won't be heated all the time though so in the winter the pipes would freeze. Instead I plan on having a smoke detecter that is wired into the house so I can hear it go off if there is ever a fire again. Durring the fire we were in the house the whole time while the thing was burning and we had no idea it was untill it was completey engulfed.
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    Glad to hear that everything is working out for you. Most if not all insurance companies will give you a break if you do have a sprinkler system installed in a building. Best of luck to you this season.

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    OUCH. Even if everything does get replaced, it just won't be the same....Sorry to hear about that.
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    Thats Great !!!! Scott Really glad every thing worked out with the Insurance Co, After reading your story, Took a long hard look at my insurance.
    Also scott, where in NH are you I am in Franklin
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    Glad to here things are ok with you now Scott..I know it was a devistating blow...Good Luck!!

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