everything was stolen

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by fastcat, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. fastcat

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    i was going to the storage unit today to pick up my equipment and my trailer was not there. then i went to the manager of the place and told them what had happend and then i went back to the unit and noticed that my storage unit that i kept my mowers in was missing the whole locking assembly. so my 16' lone wolf trailer, fs 80 trimmer, fc 95 edger with my articulating head hedge trimmer on it, my brand new wright stander 52" rh that i still owe on:realmad:, my lesco 36" walkbehind gear drive, br 600, earthway spreader, 10 gallon northstar spot sprayer, solo back pack sprayer, and tool box on front of trailer with lots of tools is all gone.

    my wife has been really slow at work these past 2 months so i have been the one paying all the bills and keeping food on the table. the only thing that i have right now is my hedge trimmers and my bg 85 blower. i am screwed. i dont know what i am going to do. i am going to talk to my insurance guy in the morning, he said that i should be able to claim some stuff under my home owners insurance. but until then i am screwed. i dont have anything to go mow my customers yards with. any advice on how to get back up after this. i just want to be able to provide for my family and in this economy its hard enough to do as it is. fuc* a thief rot in hell.
  2. TomberLawn

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    fastcat, if I can help any, give me a call--704-254-3968. Does the storage place have any insurance against theft?

    See if Interstate or Whitley's has a demo or used mower you could use for a few days. I don't know about a trailer, but maybe if you were able to get your hands on a 36-48" walk behind, you could haul it in the back of your truck. I've got some ramps if you need to use them.

    If you need some help to get caught up with your accounts, I can probably help you out. I guess you've filed a police report, right?
  3. fastcat

    fastcat LawnSite Senior Member
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    i guess i will have to find a 48 hydro walk behind to use. scince i dont have a trailer i would have to use the bed of the truck with atv ramp. does anyone know if a walk bihind will go up those ramps with the space in between the supports. this is going to suck. i have a lot of customers that depend on me to take care of the yard and use me because i am a good lco. now i am probably going to look like some jack leg lco. damn this makes me sick

    mods i put this in the comercial and resi thread because it will see lots of traffic. could you please put it back there
  4. howierd3866

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    sorry about the lost but its should is good to know there people on here that WILL help...good luck and thanks goodness for friends
  5. FYS777

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    there has to be someone with an extra trailer, i've got one but i'm in ORegon. there has to be some one close at hand, come on NC's
  6. fl-landscapes

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    I would imagine the storage company should have insurance to cover this. Thats why we pay to put our stuff there right? I would check and Im sure your insurance company will look into that as well. Good luck bro....that sucks!
  7. WVDpoker

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    Sorry partner, hope everything works out-I believe homeowners covers up to a certain amount, I don't think it matters what it is. If it does tell insurance there was electronic euipment in the unit
  8. LDH

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    Man, this is terrible. If you were around here we could trade back and forth with my whole rig until you got on your feet. Hope it turns out okay for you. I've kept my equipment in a few of those storage facilities back when I first started my business. The ones I rented from had the 6' chain link with 3 strands of barbed wire, big iron jail bar style gate that lifted up for 15 seconds with a keypad, etc. I always waited until no one was around before I opened my door, just in case a thief was watching me. I didn't want anyone knowing which door was mine. Plus, I always asked the manager to give me one away from the lights (for the reason I just stated). Those lights won't stop a thief. They'll just bust it out or unscrew it. In a darker area it's harder for them to see from a distance which door I raised up and went in and out of. Even as catious as I was, I was still leary of my livelihood being in there unprotected. I doubt ill ever keep my stuff in one again after reading this thread. Good luck to you. If you were closer id help.
  9. badbart

    badbart LawnSite Member
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    Sadly we're seeing more and more of this. A dealer not too far from me got hit last month to the tune of 24 Zero Turns in one night! The thieves used a stolen tractor trailer to haul them off. They found the semi about a hundred miles away, but the mowers were long gone. Keep your eyes on the craigslist ads, sometimes they will show up, but often in a neighboring state. Hopefully you have a good criminal investigations division with your local Sheriff's Office and maybe they can get lucky and pick up some evidence or info that will help recover your equipment. Also you might check with your trailer vendors. My guy down here rents a 16 foot trailer for $15.00 a day. Good luck man.
  10. MileHigh

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    If you were in CO....you would have a rig right now.

    I'm Truly sorry to hear the news Fastcat.

    I hope those bastard thieves get busted.

    Do you have serial #'s and such?

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