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Everything's DEAD!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
Matthews, NC
Man, what a difference a week makes! We had scheduled a trip to Orlando over the Easter break and really had to bust our a@$# to get everyone's lawn looking great for Easter. Let me remind the non-southerners here that we have been mowing for 6 weeks, temps in the 80's on many days, trees and flowers in full bloom. We heard from family and friends that it got cold a few nights (in the 20's) but never dreamed it would do the damage that it did. Well we got home last night and everything is DEAD. All flowers, plants, hostas, azaleas, dogwoods, flowering trees are toast. I've even got maple trees that are ruined. I read in the paper this morning that over 90% of the peach and apple crops are ruined. I've never seen cold kill like this did. Anyone else experience this bad a hit?
Man, what a difference a week makes!!


LawnSite Senior Member
nope, still snowing here.


LawnSite Member
It gold really cold in east TN. The bradford pear trees are looking rough. Grass Has hardly grow in the last week. Alot of flowers are dead now. Put me behind on alot of landscaping jobs.


LawnSite Bronze Member
O'Fallon, Mo.
the local news in st. louis said all the trees would be fine. the only thing that will be lost is the flowers including the fruits.

Eakern & Dog

LawnSite Senior Member
greater Atlanta
Down here in Atlanta the azalea blooms are mostly gone and a lot the buds as well. I had some bermuda green up early because of the high temps but is now yellow from getting hit from the cold front.Spring is a bust ! Gotta Love it !