Evil lawncare company DIES!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Acute Cut, Apr 8, 2001.

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    Many of you know me. You know i try and be very supportive and helpful. Rarely do i say a negative thing. Good time to start i suppose.

    There is a guy in my area that is selling his business and quitting. I am jumping for JOY! He drives me nuts. Last year he would call me up all the time wanting me to go to the bars to drink with him. I said no thanks because i dont drink and i have better things to do with my daytime hours. Then, the very same day, he goes to my dealer and starts bad mouthing me!

    he says i am stupid in how i run my business and how i keep buying all of these stupid accessories. I bought one of htem JRCO aerators and he died laughing. Little does he know how much acreage i can do per hour with it vs a wb aerator.

    I feel like the house just landed on the wicked witch of the west. In his add to sell he is telling everyone he has this big expensive lazer for sale. It is one of them 1992(i think) exmarks with the rear discharge and bagger behind. Lazer my butt! A buddy of mine went out to look at maybe buying it. This company couldnt even get his equipment started to show the seller what he had! I dare not say it, but he is the essential defination of SCRUB!

    Now i just gotta follow the yellow brick road
    and try and not mulch TOTO on the way. LOL.
    Acute Cut
  2. awm

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    nothin good last forever thankfully nothin bad either
  3. cos

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    Good to hear that. I had a guy that I really didn't know, bad mouth me. Here to find out he went bankrupt, but is still in the biz. He doesn't like too many other landscapers in the biz either and they don't even know him.

    I wish nothing bad, but his mouth is going to get him into trouble. I simply laugh when I here of his stories.

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