Ex Customer Says,"i'll Make Your Life Hell".

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by milsaps118, Sep 25, 2007.

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    I got a referral back in June. This guy calls me from Cincinnati, OH (I'm in MN) says he owns the house that is for sale on the same block I cut 3 others. The ppl that I cut across the street recommended me to him. He asks me how much to M,T,B and to fert. I give him a price he's fine with the mowing but bitches about the price to fert. I don't budge so he says ok do it. I send him the contract, he signs it and sends it back but on the back where I list all the legal stuff he crosses out my early cancellation clause. I call him and ask him what's up with that? He says they plan on moving back later towards the end of summer and that he was going to do it himself. So I say fine I'll exempt him from that only on that condition. Yard was in very poor condition when we start. Sprinklers haven't even been turned on, broadleaf every where, never even been cut from Apr thru 2nd wk of June and it was only 5"-6" long. First day we cut and spray, the other neighbor (not one of our cust) comes out and thanks me spraying the weeds (fyi-this is rich neighborhood 750-1M houses) said he's so glad we're doing something over their. Week later homeowner gets someone to go over there and turn on the irrigation, back-flow has a crack in it. He calls me to see if I can fix it. We fix it, I send him a bill....big surprise he bitches about it, I charged him $180.00and tell him that's a very fair price especially for emergency service. He pays. Last bill I send him back in July was for 3 cuts, 1 weed/feed, bill was $225...big surprise he calls and bitches about that, ends up canceling us. I don't budge, tell him to pay the bill or I'll start adding late fees. He say's he'll pay it. I get a check from him 3 weeks later, I deposit the check a week later, 3 days after that the check comes back "CLOSED ACCOUNT". I call him and let him know what's up, he then goes on saying that he new the account was closed and that he doesn't feel that he should have to pay the bill. We go back and forth, finally he says fine I'll send a new check out(this was back in late AUG). A week goes by..nothing. I send him a new bill with back dated late fees. I attach a note that says if we didn't receive payment by Sept. 19th we would start legally on the 20th. 19th rolls around ...nothing, I call him to see if he sent it, he says, "yes, I do bill pay thru the bank so you should see it soon." Well... yesterday he calls and starts crying about all the late fees ($40 total) and refuses to pay them, he agreed to the past due bal and the NSF charge but not to the late fees. We go back and forth then he says, "You don't want to mess with me, I'll MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL, you don't want that!". So now he claims he's going to send pmt less late fees, I told him don't send anything at all, I don't want it now, I'll let a judge decide. I told him if he sends the check I'll send it right back(at this point this ******* has me so steamed but I didn't let him see it)and not only that I told him I was going to sue for the maximum small claim suite $7500. he starts calming down and tries to back peddle his way out, saying, "I'm sorry, I'm frustrated, blah blah..." I tell him see ya in court, I have nothing but time, but for you and your wife (the check had her name on it so she going on the claim form to) you'll both have to take the day off to see me and a judge. He was so PO'd he didn't say anything for about 3 second, all I could hear was him making whimpering noises like a little pouty kid so I hung up on him. :waving:

    Sorry for the loooog thread:drinkup: but had to let off some steam.
  2. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Good for you. Hope you get the money.
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    good job getting that far but once he got all upset at the and he said he was sending the full amount i would i have taken that and been done with him
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    Good for you.
  5. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Thats what my lawyer keeps telling me to do instead of losing my temper:hammerhead:
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    You will only get what he owed plus court costs. The $7500 is the limit for the court. Yuo wont get paid for your time... I would have taken the money, cashed the check, then called and told him what a little "female dog" he is.
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    If the account got closed, you can still take the check to the bank & get cash.
  8. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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  9. milsaps118

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    At this point the $$ doesn't even matter to me, the fact of the matter is, If you hire a company to perform a service (not just LC but in general) and agree to it, be responsible and pay your bill. Don't play games and bicker about a price you already agreed on and send bad funds. He threatened me(which I don't take personal), so now I'm going to add salt to the wound and take him to court. I wonder how many other businesses he's done this to and got away with?? Not me.

    I know...I'll list the maximum allowable claim anyway and let a judge decide what I get. I know it's only going to be Bal. due + court filing fee.
  10. milsaps118

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    Yeah...I want to how too??? The check had a big stamp on it that read "ACCOUNT CLOSED"

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