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    Here's one for you to laugh at.
    OK, so I hired a guy a few weeks ago.
    He is "all that", so he thinks.

    He was hired as a worker who has to be able to drive, and was told that his driving record would be checked. Then a week later, his driving record was too bad to allow him to drive my vehicles.

    He asked if I could keep him on until I found someone new. I needed help, so I told him it would be very temporary.

    Well, he couldn't keep up with us. He just dragged his feet at everything we did, for being "all that". Finally, when we were finishing up a cleanup, I guess he was done, because he got in the truck and sat for 10 minutes as we finished up.

    When we got back in to the shop, I let him go.

    2 weeks later, he called me and left me a voice message. He apoligized for the way he did things and the things he said when we parted ways. Then.... he asked me if I would say that he was layed off because of lack of work, when the unemployment office calls me. Things are tough, and he needed to file, and that is what he told them.

    Guess what buck-o. I don't lie for anyone. And why would I do that when it is going to cost me money. He doesn't even qualify through me, since he only worked 4 weeks, and might have averaged 25 hrs a week.

    Can you believe he had the nerve to ask me that?

    I'm not even going to call him back.
    I've recorded the voice mail, and documented his payroll records.
    What a Shmuck!

    Ah, I laugh at people sometimes. It's amazing what they try to pull over. I tried to give him a chance, and he couldn't do it. Now he wants more.

    When do I get more?
  2. puppypaws

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    I had an employee and his girlfriend steal my personal pickup on a Friday at midday, sold expensive tools out of the $700.00 Weathergard tool box and sold a stainless steel Ruger rifle with a composite stock and Leupold scope for drug money. The county sheriff department found it three days later and called me in the middle of the night to come pick it up. The next day the girl called me from the county jail and asked me if I would pay their bail to get them out of jail, when I said no, she said "well you know you still owe us for a half days pay from last Friday".

    How do you like that for guts and stupidity, this one will be hard to top.
  3. Willofalltrades

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    Haha and why do we bring immigrants in the country to work? Both your stories are the main reason.... theres just so many WORTHLESS people out there lol
  4. shane mapes

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    this two story is why it is so hard to grow your company and do well in life ..
  5. gene gls

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    I had a "past" employee that was collecting, call me and asked me to tell the bank that he was still working for me if they called. He bought a house while collecting and the bank never called to check his employement. Come to find out from my main man, he was a big time card player and worked for me to have a tax record and build some unemployement credits.The guy was 23 years old and never had a real job. Always worked "under the table" part time for who ever would put up with him and his crap.

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