Ex felons and bad credit in hiring

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    Interesting debate. I'm certainly in the everybody deserves a second chance category but I also believe an employer has a right to not hire as well.
    Have you ever hired somebody with a criminal record?
    One of the more insidious situations is the 18 year old senior and the 15 year old freshman. If her parents file charges and he gets convicted he will be listed on sex offender lists for the rest of his life. In most states a girl is not allowed to have consensual sex until 17.
    Would you hire a kid in this situation knowing he is on sex offender lists?
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    Teens sending nude photos to each other can get them on the sex offender list. As does streaking. Boulder used to have a non-official nude bike ride rally, and there were threats this year of arresting and charging anyone that was doing it. I don't recall the outcome. The laws need to be amended.

    Not sure if I would hire him. I would need more info from him personally.
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    Depends on the felony, once a theif , always a theif. That being said if Im not mistaken , simple posession of reefer in Nevada is still a felony
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    I've hired several felons in the past, trying to do my part as a good Christian and give them a second chance. None of them still work here.

    The prison system is not designed to create productive members of society. Once they've been in the big house, they become institutionalized and unable to think for themselves. If you want an employee that will do exactly what you tell them and then sit there and wait for you to tell them exactly what to do next, ex-cons are probably for you. If you need someone that can think for themselves, keep looking.

    Oh, and about 1/2 of them stole from me when they quit or disappeared off the face of the Earth. I know they need jobs but not from me.
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    How about this story? http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=5497517 Should he get a shot at the NFL?

    Guy made a very poor decision at 16, and will live with it forever. But has owned up to it every step of the way. Could be an NFL player except for this one poor decision. It's a long article BTW.

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    Should have some mechanism to drop off the registry in his case. The lifetime punishment way exceeds the crime.
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    I would be careful to check the real facts related to the conviction. I do a lot of Prison (and I mean state maximum security, not county) work as a volunteer. Usually the public record will only show what the DA and the defense negotiated but there could be a list of original charges as long as your arm.

    People make mistakes and deserve a second chance, true but be careful with sex offenders since you will enter into an arena with a publicly endesirable employee. Check his parole limitations, this is very important call & talk to his parole officer. Some may not have ANY contact with ANY minor or be within a certain distance of them. Do you do residential? Are near a playground? They may (and usually do) have travel limitations, do you work out of the county?

    All that said, I have hired sex offendors; only after having personally known them while still in prison for several years. Have observed life changing behaviors and received input from their classification officers. All of this would be true for any ex-offendor you would consider hiring.
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    I would never hire a sex offender or an ex con.

    1. I have to do my part to put the best possible person on my customers properties. If I am in any way endangering them or their children I'll shut my doors.
    2. I work from a shop on my property and would never want people like that coming to my house let alone my customers.
    3. In Ohio you have to register your work location also which goes on the list that people run when they are looking to move near you. A guy across the st. hired a sex offender and it pissed a lot of people off.

    We like to "house" people in the US jail system because we are not allowed to punish people anymore. Punishment for a crime is no more. Now the felons have more rights than law abiding citizens plus we get to foot the bill. We don't really discourage people to not go to prison. These guys go there and see their friends do their time then start the whole process over again. Go to prison for stealing.. lose a hand.. bet you won't be back. Sexually assault someone's daughter? Lose some other parts... good chance you won't be on the re-offend list anytime soon.

    To the point. No I don't hire them. :)
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    Did the off-topic forum get shut down? :rolleyes:
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    I hired a felon on my last job (retired). What a mistake. In about a months time all 180 employees were afraid of him and I was concern for them as well as myself. Had four security personnel present to escort him from the building when I fired him. Took about another month before things settled down. Everyone thought he may come back to seek revenge. I also believe in second chances.................but it wont be with my business.

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