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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fishnetman, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. fishnetman

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    I've been a fisherman all my life,getting out now many reasons things going badly, getting old.starting lawn bis.in spring,small,small,small.any advice any other ex fisherman out there.
  2. Rhodester

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    Check your PMs.

  3. Pecker

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    What equipment do you already have? A truck, hopefully. Do you have any money to invest with? Make some cold-calls and line up some accounts. If you can line up a small schedule to get you started, then start looking for some equipment. And a word of advice, don't waste your money on homeowner equipment. It would be far better to get old commercial equipment than new homeowner stuff, IMO. Just make sure when you turn the key or pull the cord, something starts and that it delivers a quailty cut. Then you can work your way up to nice equipment. But remember, if you do this, you must always do quailty work if you are to stay in business. Customers don't care what you have to do to mow their yard, they care that you are there when you say you are, that you do a great job every time, and that you can make it happen. So when you give an estimate, charge what you are worth, not what you will do it for.
  4. bastalker

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    Hey fishnet....I was out of quansett point for awhile. Then went out of stonington ground fishin for awhile.

    Did the same thing you are fixin to do. Government has put the squash on the fisheries, no $$ in it anymore.

    Start small an advertise yer butt off. Word of mouth travels fast, and anything that you can do to set yourself apart from the rest of the compitition the better off you will be.

    Treat customers like yer best buds. Before ya know it, they are tellin thier friends what a great guy ya are...etc...
  5. tryz

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    just a tip for advertizing a new business, when i started out i did flyers, signed my truck got nice bussiness cards and put up home made signs in the middle of street boulevards. Everything is a good idea but by far the best was the signs. but check local laws for doing this, were not aloud to put them up on all major street, and have to put the date on the back when it was put up and have them down it two weeks, then put them some other place.hope this helps.
  6. jbob

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    i live in south mississippi and do some crabbing and shrimping on the side. i think doing quality work is the main thing. even if you under bid something and are not making money on a job do a good job. i have bid several jobs that took a lot longer than i thought the first time or two i cut them but then i would get down to close to what i figured after i had cut them a few times.
    good luck
  7. dfor

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    I use to dig little necks and quahogs right there in Narragansett Bay. Did that from about 1982 to 1992. Getting out of that business was the best thing I ever did. For a while at the end, I did both part time. And that worked out pretty well. Its nice if you can do both while you are trying to build the lawn business. Buy good equipment and DON'T undercharge. Get what you deserve.
  8. fishnetman

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    thanks, I have some money to start up,wife has good job should be OK,RHODSTER what are PMs
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