Ex mark laser z start problems


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I have ex mark laser z 28 hp kawasakI and all switches have been bypassed. The brake switch has started t9 act up and having to wiggle wires to get to start but recently the wires used t9 bypass switch got hot popped fuse now it won’t crank with key but can jump solenoid but engine gets no fire. The clutch will engage just putting that in there. It has new key switch also. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?

Wes Parker

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Southeast USA
I have a mower rigged like that. Worked good for a year or so but I started having small electrical issues too often so I bought a new wiring harness for like 200 bucks. It was really easy to install and all my problems went away. I still bypassed the switches I didn’t want to work.
Hope you can find your problem.

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