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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by scraper69, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. scraper69

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    how much would i charge to use my skid loader to excavate a 20x35 area at 4 ft deep for a homeowner pool??? any ideas .. i figure it to be about 75yds or so? $$$$
  2. Turfdude

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    You are kidding right?? You should at least use a backhoe or excavator for this type of task. Unless you have a very high lift skid steer, you wouldn't be able to fill a triaxle. Do yourself a favor, call an excavation company & sb it out. You can still add about 10% to his cost to make money and your client would be none the wiser.
  3. scraper69

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    from mi
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    heres the deal. Only a 7 ft access to backyard. So i would do digging wiht skid, and stack dirt in road and have excavate comp. do cleanup. i think this guy charges $200 per load. -20 yds.
  4. bushtrimmer

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    Be careful estimating truckloads based on 20 yds per load, I bet if he says 20 he will get 15 at most. A lot of difference between compacted and excavated dirt. Did you suggest some beautiful landscape mounds in back?
  5. start2finish

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    a good rule of thumb, you estimate 75 yards of dirt. Add 10% to that for "fluff factor" this is not astromical but another truck load. I estimate 6 truckloads at best. But be careful truck estimating is tricky.

    And get this that same amount of dirt excavated will only fill 67 cubic yards if you compact it.

    undisturbed dirt 100%
    loaded in truck 110%
    compacted 90%

    this is not alot of difference I know, but it you are figuring a big job it could break you. Imagine 10,000 yard job

    going rate here is $3.50/yard moved on site, not taking into account confined area you mentioned.
    and $20-25/yard to bring in fill, includes placement and final grade
    $15-25/yard to remove fill depending on location and other factors

    also do not remove all this customer's soil, he will need soil to finish off his pool. backfill concrete, beds and plantings, etc.. I would hate for him to have to buy the dirt again.

    I went by your calculations, but L x W x D = divided by 27 = yards correct?
    103 yards

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