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    im going to be starting to do some light excavating next year. ill be using a skidsteer and mini excavator. wondering how you guess get these kind of jobs what do you charge by hour or job.
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    I think that you have an hourly rate for using big machinery. That way, you take the estimating out. I would probably hold off and work for a construction company for a couple of years before jumping into this. Same goes for the stump grinding. You need to know a couple of tree guys and you'll have more work than you can handle but the real money is cleaning up the grindings and bringing in new soil and sod. I would probably pick doing one or the other because doing both cost big upfront money and you don't want to lose your a$$ the first year. just my 2 cents
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    I don't do much in the line of light excavation since we don't own any excavation equipment. However, we do have a Dingo 425 with a bunch of attachments (auger, plow, bucket/s, cultivator/tiller). What we don't have we rent.

    Anyways, if its for a direct customer we give a per job price for our work. If its for one of the contractors we work for we give half and/or full day pricing. The pricing includes an operator and the machine w/bucket. We then charge a price for every attachment we use. Its going to be slightly higher if we have to rent an attachment, obviously.

    It works out well for us cause we are happy with what we make and the contractor/s have a general idea what it will cost them to get done what they need us to do. It works out well for us.

    giving you my pricing would be worthless since I don't know your expenses cost of machinery, operating costs, etc.
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    I would go with charging by the our on the first few until you get a idea of how long it takes to do certain task. because each job will be different. go into it slow to get the feel of your cost .

    For your protection be sure and get the utilities marked it could cost you big time

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