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    How bout getting a piece of rubber cutting edge (for a plow) and using a couple pieces of steel to bolt it to the bucket, thus allowing you to use it as a plow with virtually no damage.
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    Old thread;
    I sweep parking lots after snow removal and sanding. We use 3/8s "P" rock in place of sand because it does not freeze when stock piled. When cleaning lots the property owners want us to also clean the p rock off there lawns. we have been using Stihl power brooms both with rubber paddles and bristles. both work great but some areas have p rock 6" deep and 20 to 40 yards down in ditches. I own a mini TB016 Takuchi which is only 3600 lbs. on rubber tracks. I think it would work great for pulling the rock back up the ditch and onto the parking lots so I can pick it up with one of my street sweepers. I am going to make something up in the next few weeks to see how well it would work and take some of the strain off my old back.
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    Hitting the wrong end of the bong again huh?
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    attachment of the year!
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    Make sure to get a two speed for snow clearing
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