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    If something close to these size in excavators were used on a asphalt driveway would 3/4 plywood protect it from damaging the surface. Access to tearing out an old poured concrete wall is only accessible by driving on neighbors asphalt driveway

  2. Junior M

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    If they are rubber tracked you wont have to worry about tearing up an asphalt driveway aslong as its not crumbling to bits..
  3. soopa

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    Just put plywood on the edges of the driveway, otherwise they may crush the edge. 3/4" Plywood is more than sufficient to distribute the weight. I wouldn't worry about any of those machines on the driveway itself if it's in decent shape. It should be fine.

    HOWEVER... how are you getting the concrete out of the area? If you're moving large pieces of concrete out by machine (like with a skid steer or track loader or even with the excavator) over the driveway, the whole game changes. I've had driveways crumble to bits under the pressure of the loader once its got a big chunk of concrete in the bucket.

    On a side note, what's with the wide range of excavators listed? Wildly different machines you've got linked up there.

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