**Excel – ISM Press Release**

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    **Excel – ISM Press Release**

    Hesston, Kansas and Tokyo, Japan – September 17, 2007 –

    Excel Industries, Inc., manufacturer of Hustler Turf Equipment, and IHI Shibaura Machinery Corporation (ISM),
    are pleased to announce the establishment of a long-term strategic partnership.

    The new partnership will enable Excel Industries and ISM to collaborate on marketing and development of multiple products and technologies.
    Innovation and manufacturing excellence are shared attributes of Excel and ISM, and both companies will benefit by combining complementary strengths, resources, and technical expertise.
    “We are excited to partner with a great company like Shibaura, as this will allow us to
    bring valuable new products to our customers” said Paul Mullet, chief executive officer, Excel Industries, Inc. “Shibaura has a tremendous knowledge base in diesel engines, four wheel drive systems, and reel mowers, while our strengths are in zero-turn rotary mowers and hydraulic drive systems.
    Without question, the collective strengths of
    Shibaura and Hustler Turf Equipment make us a powerful team, and we are moving forward together.”
    “We are very pleased to partner with Excel Industries, as they are one of the leading manufacturers of zero-turn mowing equipment, and they have a great presence in the turf care machinery industry,” said Takashi Nishimura, president and chief executive officer, IHI Shibaura Machinery Corporation. “We believe that our strategy has tremendous potential, and we anticipate robust business development as we demonstrate our competitive edge now and in the future.”
    Excel and ISM have started implementation of a marketing and development strategy, and will introduce several new products in the US and global markets in the coming months.
    The strategy also includes joint development of future products across a wide
    range of markets and product categories.

    About Excel Industries, Inc.
    Founded in 1960 and based in Hesston, Kansas, Excel Industries is a leading
    manufacturer of premium commercial and residential lawn care equipment, marketed under the Hustler Turf Equipment brand. Excel introduced the world’s first zero-turn mower in 1964, and today has a global distribution network of over 1,000 US dealers and 20 international distributors. Additional information about Excel Industries is
    available at www.hustlerturf.com.

    About IHI Shibaura Machinery Corporation
    IHI Shibaura Machinery, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1950 and is a leading manufacturer of diesel engines, tractors, reel mowers, drive systems, and two cycle engines. Shibaura introduced the first riding tractor in Japan in 1951 and has produced engines since 1950. Shibaura has production facilities in Japan, China, England, and the United States, in addition to a worldwide sales and service network.
    Additional information about IHI Shibaura Machinery is available at www.ihi-shibaura.com/english
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