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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by rblackwood, Nov 4, 2003.

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    I am really struglling to find information on a used Hustler Excel 275 that I'm considering buying. It was made post 1988 and has a 23 HP Kohler and a 72 inch deck. Can anyone assist with pointing me to resources that will provide specifications, pictures, etc.? I am also interested in what type of attachmentments there are for the PTO and possible sources for their purchase...thx!
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    We made 3 different models of the 275, please provide me with some more info...model and serial # would be a start.
    There are several different decks, also snowblowers (dont see a lot of use for that in your area)......you may be able to find a used leaf blower made by a company called Agrimetal....
    There was also a rear mounted catcher...
    Also a custom trailer made for hauling this unit was offered once…….
    Parts for the most part are all still available...and there are a ton of used units and parts units in the field also......
    As far as pictures……I will check with our guys at the plant, there may not be much available…..but I will at least check.

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    THX so much for your prompt reply. Anything you can dig up as to specifications would be appreciated as well.

    THX again!
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    Sorry I didn't see your entire message RE model & SN. Unfortunately I won't have access to the mower until this weekend when you're probably not available and I may be needing to make a decision when I see it as it is a good bit away. The owner doesn't know the model (he's presently across the state), in fact I was guessing as to it being a 275 based on some piecemeal info I ran across on the net. I know it was built in 1988+, the main body has 3 wheels, it has a rebuilt Kohler 23HP engine (w/opposing cylinders), and a 72 inch deck. This mower would be cutting about 4 acres of Bahia and hopefully some rougher weeds and grass in about an acre of oak hammock. Speed through the Bahia in terms of specifications is of particular interest.


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