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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Wecutgrass, May 1, 2013.

  1. Wecutgrass

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    I was wondering if anyone uses "Paypal Here" to accept credit cards when it comes time to bill. I was always wondering is there anyway I can pull up the invoice I made on my laptop with quickbooks? Basically, I am wondering if I can pull up an invoice from quickbooks, swipe the customers credit card, have the money go into my bank account and make the invoice as paid?
    Is this possible? Sorry it may sound a little confusing, but I cannot think of any other way to word it.
  2. weeze

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    i stay away from any of those credit card square things or paypal because they charge a fee every time you use it. i know it's not much money but over a period of 30 years in business it would really add up.

    it would be weird to tell a customer i have to charge you $55 instead of $50 because of this credit card reader thing. they would just say well nevermind i'll just write a check for $50.
  3. Runner777

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    I've just set up an account with Intuit and I'm going to start e-mailing invoices and have clients pay with e-checks. No monthly fee and only .50 per transaction. I've send out invoices last night and I'm curious to see how well it works. Seems easy with QB's... Time will tell!
  4. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    Checks are a pain in the butt. Email invoices. Online bill pay. If you won't do this you're not my customer. Every single new customer acquired this season has been THRILLED with this.
  5. haul

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    I have been using paypal here for about 8 months. Its the best useful tool in business. There is a fee but that fee is better then having a bad check. Also the customers love it. Also after you charge the customer the money is in your account within minutes. Others take about 24 hours. Good luck
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