Excess acid in soil needs lime?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by M.M.A. Mowing, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. M.M.A. Mowing

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    Is this the cause for no growth from grass under trees? Or is it another problem? I have a few clients that I cannot seem to get grass to grow around trees, (20ft radius). I know shade could be an issue but I have clients with extremely shaded areas that grass grows just fine if not better.
    I've had a swimming pool tech tell me to put lime down to level the lime/acid levels in order to grow grass, I question this because he's a pool tech and not a LCO, but then I second guess it because he knows his chemicals and may know what he's talking about.
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    He is right lime is a soil sweetner, it helps to balance the Ph of the soil. Here our soil is really acidic so I apply 40 lbs per 1000 SF once or sometimes twice a year. Just make sure to use it is in a pelitized form because it contains other things such as magnesium, and calcium that are good for the soil as well. Hopes this helps.
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    The pool guy corrects the pH in the pools and spas that he maintains.
  4. ok4me2xlr8

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    I am pretty sure there isn't lime in pools.
  5. M.M.A. Mowing

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    Thanks guys, I will try it out and see if it helps.
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    have an arborist come out and educate you on the tree....then test the soil. Why would you ever add anything to the soil without a soil test. You are running the risk of damaging the lawn and most of all the tree. Its hard to get back 20 yrs of tree growth back. I know lime probably wont hurt the tree/soil; however, why risk it. And your customer would think you are really trying by getting good advice and testing soil.

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