Excess oil consumption John Deere G100?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dejola, Aug 12, 2007.

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    Perhaps someone here can give me some advise for a friend.
    He bought a John Deere G100 Automatic (new) during the winter of 2004. He didn't use the tractor until late spring early summer 2005. Over that summer he noticed that th tractor's Kohler Command 25 engine was consuming a lot of oil and was emitting a lot of white exhaust smoke. By now the JD dealer went out of business. Eventually he contacted another JD dealer about 20 miles away by phone and inquired about the problem. He was told to wait until he had 50 hours use logged and if, at that time, he should bring it in and if they found a manufacturing problem they would fix it under the two year warranty. As of now he still has only 47 hours logged. He called the JD dealer back and said the oil consumption and exhaust problem was still present. They told him that Deere did have a problem with some of the Kohler engines involving the piston rings and that they had a service bulletin on it. He was pleased until they now told him that his warranty was expired. He told them that he had first notified him of the problem well within the two year warranty period and was told simply to come back when he has 50 logged. They said, "Sorry, if you want us to fix it under the warranty you're going to get clearance from the John Deere Compay. Otherwise it'll come out of your pocket."
    Needless to say he is unhappy and is contacting John Deere to see what if anything they will do for him.

    Anybody aware of this Kohler Command 25 oil consumption problem and/or have any advise for my friend?



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