Excessive rain, and delays

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Chilehead, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Armsden&Son

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    I am in Upstate New York and I have never seen anything like it! The water level of Lake Champlain is at record levels(just from summer rain, not spring thaw) I am so damn sick of string trimming huge areas of lawn while soaking my boots and feet doing it because of standing water. Totally messing with bottom line as well because when I estimated certain properties, I had this crazy notion that I would be mowing dry grass and dry properties. Now, because of all the rain it is taking twice as long (clogging mower, cleaning decks, push mowing or string trimming) The one saving grace is that at least the grass is growing..... I would rather deal with the rain BS than not have anything to cut at all.... I think
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    It's 8 acres of turf. 4 hours with the 72" and 2 hours with the 126" mower. Plus an hour of trimming with each one. It's my biggest residential lawn.

    I've learned to dodge the soft spots. But they change with the seasons. I mow thru standing water, skip it if the grass is under water. Sometimes I have to get off of the mower and walk thru it to see if it's going to support the mower.
    I figure if I can't mow it this week it'll be there next week. I never have to skip very much of the total lawn.

    Mowing bluegrass you have to keep up with the growth or you're "making hay" the next week. And there is no practical way to rake or bag 8 acres.
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    We had 10.8" of rain on July 4. It's rained almost every day since then. I spent all day on the 4th helping pull people from stranded cars. Just started mowing again today and boy are people irate about the wait. Screw them... they're too cheap to pay for weekly service, so they can deal with it. haha.
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    i didn't know you have such a big mower haha that's a huge lawn though wow
  5. cpllawncare

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    We've finally got a full day of mowing in today, but it was scary on some of the lawns first thing this morning, better as the day went on though. So far I've lost three due to the rain, some people just don't get it, it plainly states in the terms of service that inclement weather can and will cause delays in service.
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    Yep, that's what we're dealing with here also, we had eight days straight of flooding rains, lake hartwell is to it's highest point it's been in over twenty years. We pulled out all the push mowers slowed us down quite a bit but we kept on cutting, today was the first day the standers have been out in over a week.
  7. Charles

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    Yea we went from 8 years of praying for rain to needing to build a Arch:dizzy:
    Every yard I do leaves muddy tracks. 90+ degrees and afternoon cutting doesn't help. Every storm dumps 2" to 4" of rain. This has matched the level of Tropical storms and surpassed them in longevity. Speaking of Tropical storms. The weather guessers say one is heading our way:cry:
    I still find it very hard to complain. Just too many long droughts have filled my lawn care career to wish the rain would stop. Maybe slow down a little:laugh:
    At least we are not hearing these famous July words: "Did you really think it needed cutting? I thought it could go another week." "Just skip my yard this time" "My yard doesn't need cutting. I will call you when it needs it"
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    its been a brutal summer here in GA hasn't it...
  9. 32vld

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    For one reason or another we will never escape the need for having 20" mowers.
    The northeast does not get the rain or droughts as others do. I tip my hat to those that do and make their business' run.
  10. gcbailey

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    That's exactly us.... I was embarrassed when one of my guys pulled out a set of waders and started trimming a lawn pond. At least he was mostly dry by the time we got done.

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