"Exempt" Pesticides

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    From an article dated 10/4/2005

    Overall, cancer mortality fell 1.5 percent per year from 1993 to 2002 in men, and by 0.8 percent in women during roughly the same time frame, the report found. Death rates declined for 12 of the top 15 cancers striking men, and nine of the top 15 cancers in women.

    Lung cancer remains the leading cancer killer for both sexes, according to the Annual Report to the Nation, a collaborative effort by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Cancer Society and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries.

    "We are seeing a sustained and continued decline in deaths due to cancer," said report co-author Brenda K. Edwards, an associate director for the surveillance research program at NCI. "The rates for both men and women [overall] continue to go down."

    The report appears in the Oct. 5 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
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    Your blurb mentions nothing about the number of cases, only that people are living longer with cancer.
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    Alright, enough already. This is an excellent thread and it's being trashed like so many others. Start a new thread and we'll gladly debate this topic. As Ric would say "take it to the Orgasmic forum".
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    In Colorado, if it kills a weed, it's a pesticide. This definately makes things difficult for an lco to operate an oraganic program. I am working on the applicator license currently, but finding an organic product that is licensed in in CO can be another story. I do suggest researching The Green Guardian. They are nice folks there and are confident their products will pass state registration.

    I believe we will be forced to go in this direction sooner or later.

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    i would love to see some proof of this statement. i am pretty sure this is a made up statement!
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    This statement while it has no company name is overall a TRUE statement.

    Any product claiming to control, mitigate or repel is a pesticide no matter what product is being used.

    The EPA has no interest in the harmless nature of the product. If it is not listed under the exemption clause of the FIFRA ACT SEC 25 (b) as an active ingredient it requires registration.

    The use of vinegar...is illegal unless properly labeled. Vinegar is not an allowed active ingredient. Anyone using vinegar to control anything is illegal and can literally destroy your business.

    The EPA has no approval process for Exempted products. However, they do have a punitive process once they catch you. Another ideal government agency serving their own existence.

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