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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Jun 20, 2008.

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    When you are legally on a property, and you are treating it with approved products, have you ever been threatened by neighbors???

    This happened to us recently on a commercial property that was chalk-full of every weed you could imagine. We were spraying "weed & feed" on a half acre lawn (convenient store). A guy approached us (who lived in an apartment complex right behind). He asked what we were doing. We said "weed & feed". He pointed out two very small spots where there were no weeds and said, "Why are you spraying 'poison' here if there aren't any weeds?" This guy would not leave us alone, so we called the cops. Cops showed up within minutes. They "escorted" this person off the property, and the cops apologized to us for any inconvenience. The officers also said they often gas up their cruisers at this location and that they know the owners of this chain.

    I also have other examples, but I'd like to hear from you. rscvp, thanks.
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    was hydroseeding on a sunday about 11 years ago. I was out back machine shuts off, i come around thinking i was out of gas. Nope. I start it go out back, off it goes again, this time I have my guy stay there, i go out back, off it goes, my guy comes out back says the neighbor came over and shut it off. I go out turn it on the guy comes over to turn it off, I ask what his problem is, he says its sunday. I say yup I have to get this done they are closing on Mon morning. He says too bad ill just keep shutting it off. I say im going out back to finish, if it is turned off im going to come back out here and pound your face till all your teeth are on the ground. I got to finish the job.:rolleyes:
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    check this out i went on a trouble call to a very well known P.I.T.A. half the back yard is fully irrigated and the other half was never installed so it always gets half coverage.
    i have dealt w/ this guy b-4.
    we are in the driveway talking and it turns into a shouting match(he shouting @ me)
    i see the neighbor across the street looking out the window with a phone in her hand.
    i think she's calling the cops on me. Turns out i leave the P.I.T.A. and get in my truck and my cell rings. it's the office calling to see if i'm alright. turns out the neighbor called our office and told them to get me some help that the neighborhood a** was abusing me.
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    I always carry my soil probe when doing a service call. If necessary it makes a great baton. 90% of the issues I have with turf tend to be irrigation related and customer tend not to buy that as a valid reason. On two ocassions when I arrived back at my office I canceled the customer and sent them notice explaining my decision. I for one will not toloerate anyone getting up in my face. Twenty years ago I would have been swinging now I just put those issues behind me and move on.
  5. Ric

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    At 5'5" and 125 lbs I am not very intimidating until I get mad. I have never had to call the police to fight my battles. I would of first tried to schmooze the guy. But, at some point I would have told the fool if he didn't want sprayed he better move on. He would get sprayed if he didn't leave and if he decided to get it on, Oh well I have never been bashful. 99% of the time things don't have to go that far. As a Little Guy I have had my share of being picked on by big fools. It is all in how you handle your self. If they perceive you as weak they will keep pushing. But if you stand your ground they will back off. Last time I came close to an encounter was a rainy day at a outside Bar. I reached up to push the water off the cover and it spilled down near a motorcycle parked in the rain. A big guy jumped up and threatened me because it was his bike. In a low but confident voice I told him Anger management was one to the things I taught at my Marshal Arts School and he could have his first session for free. He bought my Bluff and backed off real quick. My buddies often get a laugh out of telling this story. Each time they tell it the guy gets bigger. But the point is, It is not what you do but how you do it.
  6. gregory

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    sometimes it doesn't matter how big you are there is always some dumb ass there wanting to try you....the reason i say that i am 6'1" 230lbs..one day i was working the parts counter on a sat and a guy came in looking for a part the parts dept was supposed to order but i couldn't find it so i guessed they drop the ball i told the guy i was sorry but to call in monday and talk to the parts manager and he would handle it for him and told him again i was sorry he flew off the deep end stated cussing at me so i told him he needed to leave then this dumb ass came around the counter after me got close to me and i told him you lay one hand on me i will pound your head into the concrete i guess he had secound thoughts b/c after he got close to me and i told him that he just left and then called monday and told me he was sorry and his part got ordered.....some people just don't have any respect...
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    I think american handled it correctly. How would your AG inspector react to you threating to spray someone with herbicide? I'm willing to bet you would be out of the spraying business.
  8. Victor

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    You handled that really well Larry. That's what I would have done. Let the police deal with that idiot.
  9. RigglePLC

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    I am spraying a large lawn with hose and gun. Spraying an ester--smelly. Wind about 10 to 15. Early Sept. Next door neighbor, about 65 comes over and gets irate because he claims the weed killer irritates his wife's lungs. Coughing and choking. Says it is irritating even with the windows closed. Says it makes his wife sick everytime I spray, and it probably contaminates his well, too. I try to explain, low toxicity, non-allergenic, and say something like, I prefer to spray when windy because in a couple of minutes the odor will be miles downwind. Wife comes over and adds her complaints while walking through sprayed grass. He says, "I can see the poison you spray has already affected your brain. I will probably have to take my wife to hospital and I will send you the bill!" They also say the home owner mows his leaves in the fall and that also stimulates her asthma attacks because my chemicals are on the leaves. I finally agree to spray next day when they are out of town--and to call ahead--so they can be out of area when i spray, next time.

    I suspect that the problem was more likely hay-fever allergies. Things were tense for a while. I tried to do it early in the morn and not wake the dog.

    Next year he was fairly nice and actually came over with his tractor and pull behind spreader to help me, so i wouldnt have to push the whole 30,000 sqft.

    Year after, i bought a Permagreen. The spray is almost invisible so they didn't even notice. Also i switched to Lesco Eliminate--almost no odor.
  10. gorknoids

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    Wish I'd had a video camera. 9:45 AM, and I'm blowing leaves out of a side yard between two houses. I hear screaming, but I'm wearing ear protection and can't triangulate the source. The second time I hear it, I shut the blower off and realize that it's coming from the neighbor's house, way up high.
    It's a character straight out of a Dicken's novel, veins bulging out of a forehead topped with hair sticking out at angles which can only be achieved using electricity. This guy was hysterical. Screaming and swearing, and gibbering incoherently at times. "Don't you have anything bettah to do?!?!?!" "What in the f*ck are you trying to do to me?!?!?!" That kind of stuff. I looked at him for a minute and explained to him that I was a landscaping contractor and that I had been employed to do what I was doing. Then I asked him if he worked nights. He screamed some more, and then said "Okay, I'll start over. How are you today?"
    Now I'm watching for a muzzle to come up over the windowsill. We talked for a minute, he explained that he had a 94 y/o mother, and that he works nights. Good enough, and we don't do that property until the afternoon now.
    As for people trying to convince everyone that you killed their 30' arborvitae with a misting of 2% glyphosate around a light pole 30' away, they'll always be here. Ask them for dates, find out what the half-life of your product is, and tell them that if they'd like to pursue it, they can take samples of plant material to the local extension office or experimental station. It's worked for me twice.

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