Exhaust system for FH601V Kawasaki engine


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Ann Arbor, Mich
The FC420V 14hp Kawasaki engine on my Exmark 52" TurfTracer finally died. I bought a 20hp FH601V, CS-04( John Deere) Kawasaki engine to replace it. New engine bolted right up to the TT deck. I need an exhaust system for this engine. Exmark wants $300 for the complete system. I need ideas for less expensive maens of muffling this engine. One thing I thought of is making individual pipes for each cylinder(exhaust port faces deck at bottom of cylinder) and putting on inexpensive mufflers from Tractor Supply. Problem seems to be finding 1" id exhaust pipe for sale.Help!!


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That is the one area wwhere they have you. If you can get a muffler and an engine template, it would be pretty erasy to find a muffler shop who would bend pipe the way you need them. Or, you could just run pipe straight up in the air and put a rain cap on them so water won't get in. The heck with the muffler, the engine would sound better like that anyway. :) You could even install a spark plug and a model T coil so when gas passes through the pipe, you hit the button for the model T coild and you get a 20' long flame. Offer leaf burning services while you cut grass! LOL