Exmark 21...Done with it!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brian mon, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. brian mon

    brian mon LawnSite Member
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    Well after only about a month I sold it back to the dealer for a $200. loss. In my opinion the commercial "21 AS" was a POS!!! Here's what happened, first day belt got so loose I had to use as a push mower, tools to far away to fix. Fix that ok np, then read about all the belt problems here on LS, and told my dealer to read the posts and order me the kit for the belt and they did. Before I could install, belt fell off mowing flat ground, ok fix it again. Then mowing and could not get it to restart after emptying the bag, found the linkage for operator presence was not working right and had to raise up the ground contact so the thing would start, but now it would not shut off without pushing down on the ground switch (make sure you take the screwdriver w/you). And last thing it just died while mowing, and felt like it seized up, could not pull cord or move the blade. OK now I'm mad I don't use it much but I do need it every day. Went back to dealer on a rain day, warned them on my way there to be ready I was pissed off! Told them if I could I'd sell this POS back to them, they did'nt think that would work. Talked with my other dealer who carries Toro, he will sell me a Super Recycler 20095 for $600. So told the Exmark dealer I'll take $600. and they said OK. So now I got a mower that works, and good bye to the exmark. So anyone thinking of buying one of these don't, go w/Toro, Honda, JD anyone Exmark they still can not make a 21'' mower.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sounds like they need to hit up the R&D dept and see what fell through the cracks. Mowing problems on flat ground should have been resolved before it hit the market.
  3. brian mon

    brian mon LawnSite Member
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    R&D would help...or maybe they should just stick w/what they know, and only make the 36'' and up.........
  4. Exmark PR

    Exmark PR Sponsor
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    Thanks for your feedback on the Commercial 21. We’ll be sure to pass this information along to the teams here at Exmark. We’re always looking for ways to improve the units and your feedback makes that possible. If you’d like additional follow up about your specific issue with the Commercial 21, send your contact information to exmarkpr@exmark.com.
  5. bobhardt

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    I've had pretty good luck with my commercial 21. Mine isnt the AS model and it has had all the updates.
  6. zak406

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    Mine also has all the updates, however mine is not the as model either NO problems at all....
  7. Roger

    Roger LawnSite Fanatic
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    There have been several threads about this mower. It sounds like many have bought, and are successfully using their machines. But, we have also read a couple of cases where people are unhappy, and have expressed their displeasure with the mower.

    Despite threads like this one, I would not hesitate to buy this machine at all. Every machine has some incidents with some users, and, for whatever reason, those users are unhappy with the machine. These problems do not appear to be systemic, rather isolated problems. When the Exmark 26" machine first came to market, it had systemic problems. Based upon comments on LS, this machine does not seem to have systemic problems.

    We have all had a machine for which we've had problems, and we've made "mountains from mole hills" about the incident. I stand first in that line. We are unfair to extrapolate a few isolated reports to characterize this machine in a negative light. This is not to doubt the reporter's comments. But, the isolated comments do not seem to follow a pattern (that was so evident in the 26" hand mower a few years ago).
  8. zak406

    zak406 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    A little info I can give you guys. I talked to my dealer this past weekend and the engine bail problem should be fixed shortly ( the safety bail cable itself is on back order) I fixed mine by putting a fishing sinker inside the spring on the handle. That solved the not starting problem.
  9. joed

    joed LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Good points Roger. As an owner of one of the first series of 26" metros produced in 2005, I can attest to how explosive the problems were. The 21" exmark does appear to be a good mower. I was wondering how it mulches since one of the complaints of early users is the fact that it did not mulch well at all.
  10. bobhardt

    bobhardt LawnSite Member
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    I think it bags very good. However as a mulcher the deck does have a tendency to plug up fast if the grass is damp at all. I think my Honda was a better mulcher.

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