Exmark 23hp or 25hp

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dodgeman, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. dodgeman

    dodgeman LawnSite Member
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    I have looked at the Scag and the Exmark and I do like the Exmark better. The dealer I talked to has a new 25hp(Koehler) 60" Lazer Z new and a demo 23hp (Kawasaki liquid cooled) The demo unit has about 1000 hrs on it. I can buy that one for $6000.00. Obviously just starting out price does matter. I do want to make sure I buy enough machine. Any opions on this?

    Also I looked at a Ferris. Never heard of them. The price seems to be about the same or real close.

    Thanks Again
  2. Richard Martin

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    Any mower that has 1,000 hours on it is not worth $6,000. If I remember correctly Exmark had a big push on this model a couple of years ago and was selling them for not much more than that. Also being a demo I can assure you that the mower has been run hard and beat to death. I'd go with the brand new mower.
  3. TLS

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    Six grand for a 1000 hr demo??? Thats highway robbery! Like Richard said, they were an oddball and I think only available one or two years, and they were heavily discounting them, as many wanted the 27hp LC. I wouldn't pay more than $4000 to $4500 for that demo, IF its in decent shape!

    What were his prices for the 25 Kohler? Good prices are in the 7's for reg gas models. I would go new just for the warranty!

    Take a hard look at the 26 efi ! A real powerhouse!
  4. dodgeman

    dodgeman LawnSite Member
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    He is telling me that it is going to take about $8,400 for 2002 or $7,900 for a left over that he has.

    Too much?
  5. TLS

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    His prices seem a little high. $8400 for a 2002 25hp Kohler 60" Lazer? Although different parts of the country are priced differently.

    I paid $8495 for my 2001 LC 27hp. And I have heard that others payed way less than me for the same mower. I would think that an air cooled would be at least a grand less than that.

    Ask some guys in your area. Call some neighboring towns that sell them, take a ride and get prices. Explain to them that you are new to this, and are tight on money. Give 'em a sob story. Let us know what you come up with!
  6. dodgeman

    dodgeman LawnSite Member
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    Thanks. I thought it sounded high. But what do I know? I am going shopping first of the week. I am in sales so I will beat them down in price.

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