Exmark 26 bag problem no dealer waranty?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by sildoc, Oct 1, 2007.

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    I purchased an 26" exmark mower this spring in april. I use it 2 days a week averaging 5-6 hrs of use a week max. I am having it rip where the two metal pieces in the middle come together and in the corners. this is after maybe a total of 150 hrs max. I took it to my dealer and he said that it is normal wear and tear. I understand normal wear and tear but not on a new mower. I have a residential lawn boy that has well over 500 hrs on it and bag is better off than this bag. I also had a honda commercial mower that had well over 1500 hrs on it and never had to replace the bag. I can make a couple of suggestions. 1. warranty these bags for a reasonable amount of use. and 2. add extra material to the corners and stress parts of the bag.
    This is upsetting more on the part that I can not get an accelerator bagger yet for this mower and do not want to shell out 100 bucks twice a year for a new bag. Please respond with a solution.
    Thank you.
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    Can you be more specific as to where the ripping is occuring? We have heard of some bags ripping where the spring for the rear height adjuster contacts the left side of the bag, but haven't heard of the bags wearing out.

    I'm not saying what your dealer said was right or wrong, but since 26s don't have hour meters on them it is hard for us to determine how many hours the bag has been used. Therefore, it is the dealers call to determine if the bag should be covered under warranty.

    Are you using your 26 in wet conditions? From my experience in Oregon, most landscapers are bagging lush, wet grass. Compound that w/ a much larger capacity bag than a Lawnboy or Honda, and it's undoubtedly going to wear much quicker because of the weight of the grass.

    All that being said, It would be great if you could post pictures of the bag. I'm also going to pass your information on to a couple people here at the factory and get their opinion.

  3. sildoc

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    I will post pics when I get it back from my dealer. He is doing some other minor warranty work. Hopefully it will be by friday.
  4. sildoc

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    Here are some pics of my bag. Like I said this is from mid April till the end of September. That is less than 6 months. I will show you where there is a design flaw and a place the bag will rip regardless how much the grass weighs. several pictures to follow.

    First picture is where the major rip is at and the design flaw. the lower loop is welded to the upper loop on the outside, providing a sharp edge to eventually tear the bag.
    second picture is of one corner, the other looks the same, here there should be some sort of reinforcement. The corners take a major brunt of the weight and these are the same thickness of bag material as the rest.

    If you have any questions you can call me at 541-951-3636 or pm me and I will try to get you what you need.

    My dealer has also submitted a review via email to whomever.

    There are other discrepancies that are minor yet very important to a overall good product. I am sure you know about them but, if you would like my input I would be happy to discuss in another form other than this forum.

    Crater Landscape Mangement


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    To the Top!
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    Nevermind, I will PM OP.
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    In front of your face again!
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    I have a lazer z hp with 180 hrs on it, that has the same problems, although my whole bager is all worn out. Exmark won't do anything and I am very dissatisfied with their service. Awsome mowers, great baging system idea, but awfull quality on the bager.
  9. Gruneich Lawn Care Inc.

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    Looks like its just been used alot, I would be carefull about throwing the bagger on concrete, after you empty it. I see alot of guys around here doing that, that could wear through pretty fast if you do that alot...
  10. sildoc

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    Never threw it on concrete. The rest of the bag looks new compared to those stress areas. right where it rubs in the corners and right where it rubs on that piece of metal.

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