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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Northwest, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Northwest

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    I posted a week and a half ago mine broke the spring at the end of the drive cable my dealer cannibalized a new mower and got me going. Guess what the second spring only lasted a week. My dealer did the same thing but he only has two mowers left. He told me exmark stopped production until they fix this and a belt problem (a couple mowers have come back to his shop eating belts). I want to know what exmark is going to do for me because in another week when this spring breaks my dealer won't have any because they stopped production and he won't have any more mowers to cannibalize.

    Also, if exmark is not going down hill they better get someone back on this site and inform us what is going on. I bought this mower because nobody had anything bad to say about exmark. Guess I decided to buy the wrong mower at the wrong time. They will get these problems fixed but I hope they expedite the cables or I will be a mower down and will have to shell out another grand for a honda until they fix this. :angry:
  2. joed

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    I have the 26" metro and I've had similar problems to yours. Where do I start:
    rear and front height adjusters keep popping out
    bag that either won't allow grass in or allows grass in and then it comes out.
    tranny that is hit and miss to find 3rd gear
    belts that whine
    leaking oil from the engine
    no mulch kit yet.

    These little quircks have been very disappointing and the lack of quick response is also annoying. Since we are into mulching season, I hardly use the mower and really more on the 21" toro proline/suzuki. If I had know ahead of time about all of these problems, I don't think I would have purchased the unit.
  3. dishboy

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    My 26 ate the spring also. In my case I am waiting for a replacement that has failed to show up even though I am paying for two day shipping. Tomorrow will be one week since I ordered the part. In the mean time I have used bailing wire from the gearbox arm through the center of the spring and back to the arm. I used two loops , one on each side so the tension pulls evenly on the spring where it attaches to the cable end. Although a band aid this takes the spring out of the picture eliminating the third gear shudder under load. Hopefully the new cable will be updaded from this made to break ill concieved design. I only hope they realize that the blade brake spring set up is soon to follow in as metal fratique has it's way with a wimpy spring.
  4. iluvscag

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    This doesn't sound so good for eXmark. ;)
  5. MTR

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    You guys really shelled out $1400 for this 26er? The day I saw the mower rolling out at local dealer with noise clicking everywhere, I knew right away that is problem, never heard of noise from eXmark when new. Well, hope you all get it right.
  6. Rougher83

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    That is why I am a firm believer in never buying the first year production of anything! Wait until all or at least most of the bugs are worked out first. Just my opinion.
  7. ed2hess

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    You are absolute correct DON"T buy new stuff, I still bet that there will be a lot of problems with the 4mix stuff! These guys will be forced to try to engineer around the problems because exmark probably won't buy the units back.
  8. barnard

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    These sound worse than the old "Stanley" read (murray) that wally world sold about 3 or so years ago they were 6horse 26inch crap as well.

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