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exmark 26'' walk behind


LawnSite Member
Tyler Texas
with the mulch kit installed on this mower it leaves a trail down one side, are there any fixes for this, our exmark dealer doesn't have one, thanks:waving:


LawnSite Platinum Member
There is no fix from what has been reported here. Most people who are not happy with that mower have been returning them to their dealer for a refund.
I believe Exmark is buying them back.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Toronto, Canada
I have had the Exmark 26" metro since May and have had many issues with it. The mulching problem is common. I too have expereinced it. We tried different things like using a baffle, mulching with the high lift blade rather than the mulching blade but nothing seemed to work. It is absolutely atroscious in any grass that is slightly long, wet or damp. Exmark has tried to fit my unit with update kits but nothing as solved the issues with this unit. I would like a refund but none is upcoming as far as I know. As anyone heard of a class action lawsuit?