Exmark 30" walk behind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by EverestLandscape, Dec 25, 2012.

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    One word HONDA. My Honda commercial mower is probably sever years old and has only needed one minor tune up and a new gas tank. You can't beat a push mower that's a hydro. Decent WB's are all hydro and push mowers should be too.
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    I think I'm going to take a chance on one. I took a close look at it at The GIE+Expo and I was pleasantly impressed. Thought it was well balance and sturdy. As with the 21'' mowers the Exmark version seemed nicer than the Toro version. Our company had been using the Toro Commercial 21" for 25 years until we tried the Exmark version 2 years ago. Definitely a better thought out and more durable mower than the Toro. Cut quality was about the same. the only concern that I had with the 30" version was that the engine is the same as the one on the 21" models. Exmark claims that the engine will be more than adequate. Don't think it will replace a WB mower but it will definitely be an advantage over a 21" push and unfortunately have to do a lot of pushing.
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    I saw one at my dealer today. I has the same engine that powers the 21 and the 26. I think it's a Metro 26 revisited. Weighs a lot, has way too much plastic on it to suit me. The dealer says he has sold 2 in the last week and is waiting on feedback. My guess is one or both of them will be in the shop for repairs within a few weeks.
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    I just picked up a toro version it's not going to replace a 36wb for you very heavy and bulky I'm writing my full review later
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    Awesome, look forward to it
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