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exmark 32" metro- ?????????


LawnSite Member
I purchased a used exmark metro.cheap with very little use.
It has a 8.5 briggs engine,would this pull a 2 wheel sulky?
it seems to have plenty of grunt.Would like to hear from other metro owners on this subject.I have a few large gated yards that the lazer will not fit through,if the metro will except a sulky or proslide it would save lots of time being able to run at twice the speed.
Also how about turning ,what is your technique? this is my first commercial walk behind and I am trying to come up with the proper way of making turns,I am leaving a small uncut area where i make my turns. Do you run around the parimeter a few laps to avoid this?
Thanks for your help, Nick


LawnSite Bronze Member
Sure, the 8.5 hp Briggs will pull you on a sulky. (Maybe not with the blades engaged!) :)

A Proslide will drag more than one with wheels and add weight to the back of machine when not in use, I personally would stay away from a proslide on that little of a mower.