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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawncare3, Aug 23, 2003.

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    Next year I am planning on putting out about 3,500 or 4,000 fliers. I was wondering If it would be more productive to hire another worker and each of us use 21" toro's or just get a metro and do it solo? The lawns I am currently doing are 2k-5k, sf some are 4-5k, but that is rare. What would you do in this situation?
  2. MTR

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    If your flyers works, let say getting 2 % customers out of 3500, then you have about 70 accounts to do, averaging 12 lawns per day cutting 6 days. You said what? two 21ers or a 32"? They can't handle that kind of volume. I won't do 70 accounts with a 32" WB, let alone 21ers, your body will scream, I think you'd better invest in a 52" or 48" ZTR or WB and use trimmer on areas that Z/WB can 't get in. Need to step up a couple big notches.

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  3. rotgg

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    u better hire some more people and get a ZTR lol
  4. FrankenScagMachines

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    1% is the best response rate around here. I said response, you still can only sell your service to so many of the responders. Figure probably around what, .5% or .75% new customer rate?
  5. xpnd

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    For those that never were a scrub or will admit to being one as I was when I started out ten years ago, knowing what production is possible with different machines is very elusive. One man with one 21" mower, one weed eater, one edger and one blower can service between 50 and 60 accounts a week. I know this because this is how I worked for the first 5 years in business. My posterior was dragging so low each day I had asphalt burns on it. It required ten hours of hard work each day. The "professionals" would openly laugh at me and in my face telling me I wouldn't last the year. Two men with 21" mowers should easily be able to complete 70 accounts or slightly more a week in under eight hours each day in five days. The "should" factor is this however: How tight is the route, how hard and fast your employee is willing to work and do you have back-ups. To do this right you will need an extra mower, edger, weed eater and blower. Without back-ups it will be impossible. Also how you work the yards will determine how fast you finish. At each yard the employee goes directly to the back and finishes. As the owner you edge the concrete and weedeat and then pull a mower and start working on the front. When the man finishes in the back, both work the front until there is enough work to keep one man busy while the second blows down the job. If it is done correctly the man using the blower will arrive at the truck at the same time the man with the mower finishes the front. Also if you are being competitve with your prices ( 3 new clients for evey ten calls), from 3500 flyers you will net no more than five new customers. Anything significantly over this number and your prices are too low
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    XPND, I don't know what state you are from, but in Florida right at May till late September, the temperature is brutal cutting grass, gallons and gallons of water during that 8-10 hrs stretch. I have done with 21er for one season and I know if I continue to use 21er, my body will disintegrate. With 70 accounts, I definitely go with something easy on your body and the "heat," The bigger & faster mower, the better & healthier for everything.

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    between the two choices i would go with the 32 solo. but if you could use a larger mower on most of the propertys meaning get it through the gates. i would go with a larger mower but still go solo.
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    I know for a fact that 4 or 5 thousand fliers is a heck of a lot more than i ever imagined. I would plan on 2.5 weeks straight of passing them out. Do you realize how spread out you will have to go to give that many away? That means substantial drive time to these. Dont rush things, let the clients come to you because they want their lawn to look as good as the 10 others you do in a particular neighborhood, or because they "HAVE" to have you
  9. lawncare3

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    Thanks for all your responses, also I have ALL gated properties and they all require 36" or smaller, I have a 48" but, it won't work on them.
  10. Doogiegh

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    You list as being from Colorado. I don't know your area but I picture it being fairly spread out and "rural" as a general rule. As least compared to me here in NJ. I'm thinking 3500 Flyers is a TON of flyers and you'll have accounts so far apart, you could take a nap on the ride from stop to stop..

    Myself, personally, I'd do the solo 32". This way, the whole show is YOU. No partner, noone to argue about who did more work and why on a $30 house do I get $10 and you get $20 when we both did 1/2 of the work, etc etc.. So unless you split the money 50/50 with the partner, my guess is you pay them hourly.. and then they don't care if they get done or not since every hour is another couple bucks for them.. So who cares if we get done in 1 day or 3 days, I get more money if we work for 3 days.......

    And you gotta do your benefits and workers comp bills 100% right if you have a worker.. god forbid they ever get hurt..


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