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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by spobubba, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. spobubba

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    I'm looking into purchasing this unit (non-hydro) for my residential use. Have about .4 acres of fairly flat lawn with only fair amount of obstacles. I thought that 32" would significantly reduce mowing time over 21" wb.

    Is this a good choice for the job? Also, does this machine bag well? I would also like to use it in the fall to suck up the leaves. Thanks for any advise. Although I could go with a 36", I'd like to keep the price around $2,000 and store it in the garage.

  2. Ground Master

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    I have a few 32" walk behinds and these are awesome machines. They will bag very well and make fall leaf clean-ups much easier. The 32" will fit thru 99.9% of gates. If fence gates are not an issue, I would think about a 36" machine.
  3. brucec32

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    I have the Toro 32" fixed deck version (identical deck to the exmark). It'll do great for your use, but I would advise getting at least 36" if your lawn is really flat and you don't have a gate problem. Still affordable, but it'll have bigger rear tires for less slipping, double drive belts vs. single, and lower your mowing time slightly.

    Mine mulches good and bags well too. I'm used to floating decks and switch height a lot, so I'm not crazy about the fixed deck. But for home use, it's fine.

    I would suggest keeping an eye out for a good used Exmark on Ebay. There are a couple there now. You could probably get a big deck/engine for the price of a new 32".

    I paid $2500 driveout for my Toro with a 12.5hp Kawi, btw. I think the 36" was only $100 more. I much prefer the Toro T bar steering. I've owned 5.

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