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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lenster, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. lenster

    lenster LawnSite Member
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    I tried to post on the Exmark site twice and it not working!
    I hope I can get information from this one.
    Can anyone tell me the avg price for a 48 mulch kit?
    All the dealers in my area are selling them for 185.00!
    Kit is with baffles, blades etc.

    Also will I need to add the two spacers between the blades and the underside of the deck for more efficient mulching?

    I normall cut at 4" if I add the spacers the cutting height will be reduced?

  2. burns60

    burns60 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sounds like the price is in line. I think I paid about $200 last year for the same kit, so you are getting a good price.

    If you cut at 4 inches you are going to get a lot of blow out. This will vary depending on what type sod the leaves are laying on. If they are on not much grass then they are harder to pick up. If they are on grass that you have mowed all season at 4 inches then you should have an easy time mulching them. You will enjoy the mulcher, and be surprised at how you can make leaves "disappear." Be sure and get some good face masks and safety glasses to keep the dust out.

    I don't use the spacers (they weren't recommended), but yes it makes sense that the height would change if you put them between the spindle base and the blade.
  3. Ron's Lawncare

    Ron's Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    ''they wern't recomended'' on what machine? on my 48''Viking they recomend no less than 3 spacers for mulching.

  4. Blessed 1

    Blessed 1 LawnSite Senior Member
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    The Exmark mulching blades is what worked best for me. Mines was a 48" HP. Spacer's were not part of the set up.
  5. burns60

    burns60 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Mine is the 48 HP Lazer. I don't have it in writing that spacers weren't recommend, in fact I don't think I even got a book with my kit. I do know that the dealer did not tell me to use any spacers. In fact they intstalled it the first time and they did not use spacers. Probaby just difference in the two mowers.
  6. JBird

    JBird LawnSite Member
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    I have a new exmark 31hp 60" deck w/ the standard mulching kit/blades. WOW!
    I used it today to make leaves dissapear and boy do they ever! Best system I've seen....ever. I decided to test it out to see just how many leaves I could make disappear, so I took it to my father-in-laws, who has two feet of leaves in his yard, (actually 16 1/2 inches because I measured for the purpose of testing). the deck pushed them a little they were so high so I had to back up a few times to get them all sucked under the deck. A direct quote from him (father-in-law) says it best, "where the hellck did they go, what the hellck does that thing do with them, they just....dissapeared"! And he ain't shuckin' ya none either! Greatest thing since sliced white bread!
    >>>NO SPACERS<<<
  7. lenster

    lenster LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the feed back!
    I put the kit on and used it on Sunday.
    Unfortunately I decided to rake first to remove some leaves because I thought I had to many leaves on the ground to mulch. I left areas in the back yard untouched to try and mulch with at the end in case it didn't work well. The mulcher worked excellent in the front and just as good in the back where I did not rake. I mowed in both directions (cross pattern) in the back which did a great job. When I was finished I realized I could have saved the three hours of raking in the front if I would have mulched in the begining!
    I had two spacers installed and the grass height (tall fescue) was around 4" from my last side discharge mowing.. I would like to see how it does without the spacers. I still like to mow at the higher setting.
    Spring growth may be a problem though so I might have to remove it.
    I did notice some deck build up underneath (which I cleaned afterwords) and a lot of debris on top of the mower while mowing (I stopped to remove the debris periodically) which I think is normal.
    I have read where some guys use the mulcher all year long and would like to try it?
    Does any one use their kit year round on tall fescue?
    Spring growth a problem?
    If so what mowing height are you using?
    Grass build up underneath?

  8. Blessed 1

    Blessed 1 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Here in SW Ga I have in the past had to take mines off mid May. My 48 even with the new 23HP Kohler could not handle the spring growth. Keep in mind to that 90% of my business here is Biweekly. If I were cutting weekly I think that I could have made it year round except for bahia grass. It grows 3-5 inches a week and you need a bunch of horses to mulch it year round. I can't wait to see if my new 31 HP is going to take it year round mulching in the country! One thing I have noticed about mulching leaves. The lower the deck the better the cut!
  9. burns60

    burns60 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I don't have any fescue, but some bermuda and carpet grass that gets pretty tough. Most of my accounts are every 2 weeks also, and as a result I can't leave the mulcher on. In fact I don't use it at all in the spring and summer, only put it on in the fall to do leaves. If does a good job mulching grass cut each week. That would be great, because it does make a yard look good. Ideally you need two mowers, with one set up to mulch and one to discharge. But that is a couple of years away, or maybe next summer. (I pay as I go)
  10. american coastal

    american coastal LawnSite Member
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    i was going to check, just to ensure the mulch kit was right for what i was wanting to do...and i was able to avoid a million questions just by reading the quotes. i hope you guys are right! so you say its not good to have the mulch kit on if your cutting bi/weekly due to the larger amount of grass your cutting?

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