Exmark 48" turf tracer S-Series cutting height

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by IRRITECH, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Very stange. Toro does have floating deck hydros. 30488 and 30489. 48" and 52"
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    I would just use different washers to adjust your height, you said it needs to be within 1/8", no mower is that accurate from the factory, most only have 1/2" adjustment and a few have 1/4" adjustment. With the turf tracer you can fine tune the height by placing or removing washers from the height adjustment pins. But it looks like you got a new mower anyways, good for you.

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    You can raise the height that way but if it is high, your screwed. Taking out the original washer is not an option. Any new mower should come within a minimum of 1/4" of specified height.

    Yes they do, but they have those screwed up controls. There is a rumor that they are going to offer a pistol grip version in the next few years.
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    Are you saying the blade height is 3/4 off from what the sticker says?

    That's what I assumed
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    Yes, in the set hole for 2" , the blade height was 2 3/4".

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