Exmark 48" Viking Hydro ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DieselLandscaping, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. DieselLandscaping

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    just bought my 1st exmark.
    06 hydro viking 48"
    want to run my cutting height @ 3 inches & bag
    how/ what should i do?
    not sure the settings
  2. lawnboy852

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    check out the exmark website. Browse around for the owners manual for your machine. I have a Metro (same as yourse but belt drive) And I was able to find a full cut height matrix, with everything specified for each cut height based on rear axel, front casters, and blade spacers.
  3. Roger

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    I have an Exmark Viking, 36" cut, and have used it for 13 seasons.

    As lawnboy says, three elements of cutting height -- deck attachment to the traction unit, blade spindle washers, and caster spacers.

    I have never touched the deck attachment to the traction unit. It is now at the same setting as when I took delivery.

    I have done some experimenting with the blade washer positions. My normal position is two washers above the deck, two washers below. This keeps the blade above the lower edge of the deck. My hope is that if an obstacle is encountered, the deck will engage the obstacle, not the blade. Setting the blade lower, the blade will engage before the edge of the deck. Also, I've found this position to work best for cut quality and discharge force. If I am wanting to get maximum cutting height (e.g. overgrown grass, wanting to make a first "cut down" pass), I will move all blade washers above the spindle. This moves the blade as far up under the deck as possible. I have found this blade position to give a poorer cut, and less discharge force out the chute. Cut is OK for those "cut down" situations, but not for finish turf cut.

    My primary cutting height changes are done with the caster spacers (1/4" thick). I run three primary positions 2/2, 1/3, 0/4 -- that is two spacers above the support, two below, or one ... three, or none ... four. The 0/4 gives me about a 3 1/4" cutting height. I rarely use the 2/2.

    I know I will get pushback on my methods. Why? Deck pitch changes when just moving the caster spacers. Yes, that is right. Deck will have a forward pitch with 2/2, more than 0/4. However, I've found no change in cut quality, regardless of which of these three primary positions I use. Maybe a 48" deck will respond differently than my 36" deck, I don't know.

    I don't know where you are located. But, you can't be far away, so our cutting conditions are probably similar.

    If none of this makes sense, let me know. I have easy access to my machine, and I will shoot you some pics on my settings.

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