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    Yesterday I picked up this mower, didn't pay for it yet (maybe a good thing) and went out to cut some yards with it. Now I had the dealer install the mulch kit before I left. Anyway, away I went. My guys cut the first two yards with this machine and the cut wasn't very good, some XX cutting needed. I jump on and go to the next two yards and I start getting a row of uncut grass right where the right hand and middle blades are to be over lapping. I tried difference heights and speeds (riding) and still the mowhawk look was there. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, so I had another guy try and he go the same thing. Called the dealer and they said it was maybe something to do with the RPM's. So after double cutting almost both yards, I take it back to the dealer. They checked the RPM's and said they were alright, but gave me a few away. They also put a sharp edge the blades. Try that they said. The very first yard I cut, a row of uncut grass. Well to finish out the day, we XX cut the last few yards.

    What could be wrong?

    I had a CT 48" with an 18hp B&S, that was just stolen on Tuesday morning, that was doing these same yards with no problems.

    HB Lawn

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