Exmark 60" Lazer z VS Hustler 60" Super Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TotalLawnConcepts, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. TotalLawnConcepts

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    I need some help, we have a 60" Exmark lazer Z with a 27 hp Kohler. We are days away from purchasing a new mower. We went to the hustler dealer today, and got a demo. When we got back to the house we decided to do our own test against each mower to see which one would be the best mower.

    Before I continue I am not trashing hustler I am just trying to get opions to help me better make a decision on the purchase.

    I pulled the hustler off of the trailer and extremely happy with the way it handle, the crispness in the hydraulics. after a short test drive we fired the blades up. Set on 4" cutting was great. We normaly cut at 3.5" I adjusted the deck to our normal height and started mowing, This is were I started to get flustered. We had the exmark right beside me mowing the exact same grass in the exact same conditions( which it had rained so the grass was wet) and the exmark was kicking my butt. It was like I couldn't get the grass out of the deck. So we changed the blades, we only had low lifts with us to try out. When we changed them I notice with a lighter blade the tip speed increase, Grass was starting to come out the deck a little better. But still the exmark was killing me. We then decided to take it into several different heights of grass just to see. and again the exmark out cut the hustler. Now the exmark has gators on it, and tomorrow we are going to put gators on the hustler and see if anything changes. I love the hustler and so far with my experience if I was going to race it I purchase it right away, but if It can't mow at the same speed of the exmark I should pay the extra money to have the exmark.

    What I am needing to know is if this is a problem with the deck, or the blades I am using, or what. I would really love to purchase the hustler but I have to have the cut quality to justify the purchase.
  2. txlawnking

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    Is the engine speed the same on both machines? If not, set the rpm's on both machines identically. This will eliminate any doubt..and level the field..
  3. TotalLawnConcepts

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    On the exmark it is at factory settings of 3750 and the Hustler is brand new so I would assume it was set at the same...
  4. Tider6972

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    I, too, am down to a LazerZ and a SuperZ. ...but I find your 'results' veery interesting.....not doubting what you report, but it IS very interesting....
  5. tacoma200

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    I am an Exmark owner but you definately need to test them with the same blades. Thats the only way to get a fair comparison.
  6. TotalLawnConcepts

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    Tomorrow will tell the true with the same blades on each mower. I will keep everyone informed.
  7. CharlieBingo

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    I recently switched from Exmark to Hustler, only because my Exmark dealer is horrible, I,d have to say there cuts are dead even! Both great machines , both great cuts.

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