EXmark 60" Spindle Shaft

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jrsimpson77, Jul 8, 2012.

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    So I received my new cutter housing and I'm also going to to replace the three spindle shafts as well and the blades as well. I was looking at this these housing parts... how does the spindle shaft hold into place?

    I'm still waiting for those to parts to come in...So it's like the missing pieces from a puzzle and I cant figure it out without the parts...lol I've never had one part and I'm still learning....Thank You
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    Usually the bearings and shaft press into the housing and are locked in with an inside circlip. Once you get the assembly off the deck its pretty clear how it comes apart. Ebay has aftermarket assemblies that are almost too cheap to make pulling old ones apart cost effective.
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    In my experience the spindle shaft is free to move in and out without a circlip. The spindle inserts up through the bottom on the cutter housing with male threads facing upward.

    The pulley can then be attached onto the spindle shaft on the top side of the cutter housing which will ultimately hold the shaft correctly into place

    Once the pulley is attached (with a grooved slot on the shaft and pulley held in place with a "flywheel key") a washer and nut go on last to finalize pulley placement.

    One the shaft is put through the housing and pulley attached it is correctly in place
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