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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by scsteven, May 24, 2006.

  1. scsteven

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    We are going to purchase an Exmark very soon, within the next week. We mow approximately 4 acres of lawn and walnut tree orchard. The terrain is somewhat rough, but not hilly. Someday we could be mowing more land. We are leaning towards the HP 20 horse Kohler 50" deck. But, the price is scary! How do we go about negotiating the price with the dealer? Should we consider the CT or the AS? Thanks!
  2. fulano

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    Well, I just picked my 36" tthp from the dealer today. It cost $4500. His cost was $3993( I saw it on a a post it note he probably mistakenly left on a piece of paper work). I asked about a mulch kit and he priced that to me for $170 and the post it note said $115.50.
    I think retail on that tthp is around $4800 so there is around a 20% mark up and you can try to negotiate. I'd guess it would be around the same for most all dealers. You won't get them to 0% because they won't make any money. You probably won't get them to 5% because they probably wouldn't want to waste their time for so little money and they may have shipping costs associated with the item.
  3. Larry Davis

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    Can you be a little more specific about what "somewhat rough" means. As you may or may not know, ZTR's usually are not the best choice for doing a typical "rough" pasture type area. Did you just acquire this 4 acres? Have you mowed it with anything yet? Can you possibly post a photo of this land?

    I have about 8 acres of typical pasture. Could I mow it with my Hustler Super Z with 60" deck and 28 Kohler EFI? Sure! However, not only would it beat me to death, it would take me much longer to mow it than it does with my tractor and brush hog.

    Whatever you get, if you want to keep this acreage mowed and looking good, you're going to have to spend some serious money on something, so, you don't want to put it into the wrong type of equipment.
  4. scsteven

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    Somewhat rough means that the soil is bumpy, rocky (old river bottoms land from years ago). We tried using a pull-behind mower with a tractor and it just bounced around. Currently, it is being mowed with a JD lawn tractor and has been for about 4 years now. So, there is grass.. but it is just bumpy.
    Thanks for your advice!

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