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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by PDB, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. PDB

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    I was just curious how many of you would buy the exmark 24" aerator if it were to be released. I have been looking around I currently own a Ryan but I feel as though I am working a lot harder than what I am capable. I was just curious what would your pros and cons of the exmark 24" aerator be if it were to be released? Let me know your thoughts.
  2. mgersib

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    The Exmark 24-inch X-Series aerator should be available now. Check in with your local dealer, but you should be able to get your hands on one.

    The advantage of the Exmark, when compared to your Ryan, is going to be dramatic. Being able to turn with the tines in the ground makes aeration a ton easier, and you can also run a ride-on sulky if you want to make it even easier. It'll make it way easier to get yards done...

    Good luck,
  3. PDB

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    I thought that they discontinued these? I sent I and email to exmark and they don't have it on their website
  4. Blade Runners

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    Where did you get that info from? And isn't X Series a line of stand on mowers :laugh:

    @OP - It was supposed to be released in Sept. but obviously that didn't happen. If they were to release it, I would buy one. There are a few people on here that have the LS dual hydro unit (turf revitalizer) that is the same thing. I have seen nothing but positive feedback for the LS unit.
  5. Exmark PR

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    We continue to develop the 24" Aerator and have the unit out gathering field feedback through the remainder of the Fall aeration season. We are currently expecting to release this product in the Spring. Customer feedback is important to us in our product development process.
  6. Reliable 1

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    I am waiting to purchase one as well. I've been very tempted to buy a stand on aerator but am not completely sold on spending $8500 just yet. Even with a stand on I still feel I need a walk behind to service the lawns that a stand on would be too heavy for on wet turf.

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