exmark bahia blade.


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Oregon is a big OEM supplier.

And whoever is the manufacturer of Marbane/Marbain MB blades.

My biggest concern is a blade that is true, hole is punched in the center (yes, this isn't always true), and that the lift wing is large enough.

Often times, aftermarket blades don't have an agressive lift wing, or they're bent or tweaked.

They must also have a fully sharpened cutting edge.

Also, for me to order online and save, they must arrive at my door for a similar price that I'd get at a dealer.


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yes, oregon and silver streak are big alternative manufacturers.

i also agree that if i'm going to order something online, that it shouldn't be much more expensive than going to the local dealer to buy the part. (i don't think it should cost less with shipping, they are saving me the trouble and gas of having to drive to the dealer afterall) although in the case of blades, i believe it would be cheaper (unless you live far enough from the nearest dealer) to get parts locally, as they're quite heavy and expensive to ship.