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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by joed, Sep 22, 2001.

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    I am looking for advice from you regarding walk-behind mowers. Currently, my clientele is exclusively made up of residential properites in and around the 3 000 to 4 000 sq foot range. I mow these properties with 21" commercial mowers. Now, I am considering moving up to a 32" or 36" WB. My research has indicate that the hydro walk-behinds are the better choice. Yet, their price range (especially here in Canada) are out of my range. This brings me to my question. Would a belt-drive 32" or 36" with a fixed deck drastically improve production on the properties I am maintaining or would I be better off sticking with the 21" Also, why is the belt-drive WB regarded so poorly.
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    First off, I wouldn't think a belt drive is regarded badly. It really depends on what your needs are. I have the belt drive 36" and its awesome. For me, there is no reason to have paid the extra money for a hydro. The mower is only used for gated areas. If you plan to use this as a primary mower for long term then get the hydro. You will be more productive and less fatigued at the end of the day. If you think in the near future you will step up to a bigger main mower then I think the belt drive is perfect. I have both a belt and hydro machines. They hydro is great and productivity is better. But for long term use you must make the call.
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    The 32" or 36" are both good considerations when making the jump from a 21" to a midsize. My suggestion would be to measure any gates that you have and if the 36" will fit, that is the unit it buy. You will definitely see an increase in production if you go with a midsize walk behind.

    The advantages of a hydro are better traction in wet conditions, better performance when using a riding attachment, better performance on hills, instant forward/reverse, more maneuverable and easier to operate. There is nothing wrong with a gear drive machine it is just different. I always like to compare the hydro and gear drive to automobiles. The gear drive is like an old truck I used to own; no power steering, no power brakes, and a manual transmission. The hydro is more like a modern car with power steering, power brakes and an automatic transmission. They both function fine but the hydro will not wear you out nearly as fast. You drive a hydro and you "man handle" a gear drive walk behind.

    Either a hydro or a gear drive will do the job your asking, it really comes down to your preference. You may want to ask these questions in the general forum and and the the opinions of other professionals.



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