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exmark beltdrive

clay duncan

LawnSite Senior Member
marion n.c.
i am going to buy a 36 in. walkbehind in the very near future. it is most likely going to be an exmark metro. my primary mower is a walker mt20. i am really trying to get rid of pushmower. will the metro be alright for slopes and pulling a sulkie? i just dont believe the hydro is worth double the $. also i know hydro is better but are belts really all that bad?....... clay


LawnSite Senior Member
I would say that belts are that bad, as far as free-wheeling down the hills. Have to use the brakes alot. Wet belts are a problem, too. Other's here can tell you more, or do a search here. Much good info, as most members here have vast knowledge on most subjects of lawncare.


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north east ohio
36"come up off the ground you will have to put extra wieght up front to keep it on the ground and if it rains while your mowing belts suck.I would say unless you have to get your mower in and out of gates get the 48 or 52 " hydro trust me I have the 36"Exmark metro and Im going to buy the 52" hydro in the spring and trade the 36.


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I like hydros alot more. With my Bunton belt drive I have a property with a large hill and plenty of room at the bottom so I just let her fly. Don't even touch the brakes on that one. I just use my weight along with pushing and pulling on the grips to keep her straight. It takes a heck of a lot of practice to keep the lines straight, and it wears you out....QUICK!

Another thing you want to stay away from is the Buntons. Their quality has taken a serious nose dive ever since Textron bought it. I'm constantly eating up the belts on that machine, and had a horrible time attempting to get customer support from Textron. For example: The new drive belts I bought at the end of last season only lasted 2 weeks before they started slipping so much I couldn't even load the machine on my trailer without me getting behind it and pushing, and that's after making all the adjustments to the tensioners.

As far as sulkys, stay away from the "Mowersulky" made by Havener Enterprises. I experienced problems with their cheap construction, and tried to get it taken care of through my the Bunton dealer who sold it to me. Even though it was still under warranty they turned me to the manufacturer. I then contacted Havener Enterprises and they told me to take it to the dealer. The easiest way to avoid this problem is not to buy anything else from either of them.

My suggestions are to go with a hustler hydro and a bullrider.
I have the metro 36" belt drive.
Awesome mower. I use it for cutting ditches, cutting properties, and one account that has a very very steep hill.
NO problems at all. I have cut in the rain, no problem with the belts.
I like mine so much, I plan on buying another one with the 48" deck....
Best money I ever spent.
The only thing I would change with the 48" is a floating deck. Dont need it on the 36".
good luck



LawnSite Fanatic
Memphis, TN
2000 eXmark Metro. Its got the original belts on it. Its pulled a lot of weight on sulky before. Guys from 150 Lbs to 290 Lbs. I have both hydro and belts. The belts work good and not a problem. No downtime with it. Just works and makes money. Hydro is a little nicer to use, but harder on the hands. Not worth the extra money for me no more than a w/b is used anymore. I've never had to put weights on this one for sulky. Only time the belts ever got to wet to put on the trailer was I washed the grass off the belt assemblies one time and until it dried it would go up the trailer gate. Other than that its never been a problem. Used it in rain, dew, etc and never had a problem.

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I always thought a hydro would be easier on the hands, Hoss. I know my hands don't like useing the brakes alot going down hills with this belt drive. Haven't gotten a hydro yet.