exmark blade clutch problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ckbrownla, Jun 20, 2008.

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    Hey Guys,

    Just registered on the forum but a lot of really good information here. My boss has a 72" exmark mower that is acting somewhat strange. The mower will operate normally when started up and off you go cutting up a storm. But if the mower dies for any reason or if you have to stop the blades or turn it off for any reason then when you restart the mower the blade clutch will not pull in. If you let the unit sit while you eat lunch or something like that and restart the mower then the clutch acts just fine. In 2006 I replaced the blade engage switch when it acted up then. Anyone have any experence with a problem like this. I sure would appreciate any assitance that you can render. I have no service guides or manuals. A source or site for the guide or manual would also be great.

    If this helps, the ZTRT has a Kohler 26 HP gasoline engine.
    The mower is a Model # LZ26KC 724.

    Thanks so much for your assistance
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    sounds like the clutch is over heating or something, when the clutch isn't engaging, try hitting it with something, and that will make it engage
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    If it is a frontrunner, check the deck lift safety switch.
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    Last year I had a 60 inch come in that was doing a similar thing, but what had happened was that the pig tail on the switch came loose, like you I had replaced the switch the year before, just something for you to look into...
    Good Luck
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