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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by buckshot80, May 4, 2006.

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    rookie question: i just got an exmark 36" belt drive walk behind for my first commercial mower. i cut either bermuda or centipede mostly. i cut the first lawn at the factory blade height setting (bermuda) and it looked like i didn't do anything. i lowered the blade by only taking out one spacer on the front casters and it still was too high. i took out one more and it still was too high. now all the spacers are on the top except for a washer. i know these machines have a little bit of rake to the blade path. my question is, is this the best way to adjust the blade height on an exmark w.b.? does it screw with performaance (mulching ability, etc.) if i only adjust here. the reason i'm asking such a stupid question is because i saw where you adjust the axle position or the spacers between the spindles and the blades. both of those ways seem like a P.I.T.A. i just want to do it in the most common, effeicient way. the cut finally looked good, but i cut another guys grass that was WAY overgrown and with my mulching kit, it left stringers and i had to double cut a lot, but that is probably a special case. some of you exmark folks out there help me out.
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    go to the exmark site and download the manual for your mower. it has a chart that shows where to position the rear axle, how many shims for the blades, and how many shims for the front casters to obtain a certain cut height.

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