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Exmark blade question


LawnSite Member
Farmerville, LA
I posted this on the exmark dealer thread, but was just checking to see if anyone else had experience with this issue. I went in to get blades for my 60" Lazer z with the triton deck. The dealer had the old black blades with the 5/8 bolt hole and the new red blades with the 15/16 bolt hole. Some of the red blades had the recessed bolt hole and some where flat. They said either one would work. Can I run the flat blades or do I need the recessed ones? What deck are the flat blades with the 15/16 hole go to?


LawnSite Member
The flat blades go to the Trivantage/Ultracut deck. The 15/16 are newer models with the splined insert that goes into the spindle.

The Triton blades are all recessed.

The dealer needs to order you the correct blades.