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    i was looking for some new blades for my mowers today and couldnt find the part # under toro but while flipping through the book they are listed under the exmark section. found the w/b blades there but no luck with the z anyone have any ideas?
  2. Roger

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    It depends upon your deck design. Some models of Exmark and Toro are exactly the same deck, eg. Exmark 36" fixed deck (the one I know for sure. The blades for these identical decks are the same ones. Some decks are different, such as stamped (Toro), and manufactured (Exmark). I would be very surprised if those decks, albeit the same width, used the same blade. Therefore, you may find some crossover, but not total model line crossover.
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    I don't know the complete lines for Exmark and Toro, but I am aware that Toro owns Exmark and many of the parts are interchangeable. Blades would not be a problem--all you need is a comparable blade length, bolt hole and configuration. Personally, I like Rotary brand blades. They are less expensive and life is comparable.

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    just go to www.mowtownusa.com been buying from them for years and they have a large selection, best blades i ever had were the raptor blades..they pulverize grass...use them on all my mowers.

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