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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by arborist-28, Nov 29, 2004.

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    I'm considering going back into the lawn care business it's been 6 years or so since I've really done anything in the business and was wondering what would be my best choice of mowers if I had say 25 residential contracts of 1/2 to one acre lots and 5 or so larger commercial of around 4-5 acres ... I want to be able to buy one machine to do it all and have the best efficency possible ... the choices are overwhelming and I would appreciate any suggestions thanks ...cc
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    That's a tough call really. Because of the larger contracts I'd say go with at least a 52" rider or a 52" hydro walk behind and maybe even a 60".

    Your best bet would be to visit your local dealer and get a feel from him what the other contractors in the area are using on the same property types. Regional factors can greatly effect what will be your "best" choice. As an example if it's very hilly a hydro walk may be the best route. If a riding mower will hold the hills that may be your best route. From my limited understanding of your region I would look at the 52" Lazer HP followed by the 52" lazer (both will fit on a residential lawn) followed by a 52" or 60" hydro walk behind and maybe even a 60" Lazer Z.


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    Thank you terry for the reply and I will definitely get to a dealer ...Right now I am in the beginning stages of planning, this advice does come in handy ... Exmarks professionalism and excellence in all fields has made the choice a great deal easier... the price for excellence will definitely pay off in the long mowing seasons. With the best quality mowers I can do my job faster more efficiently and my machine will give me the confidence and durability that I need ...And thank you for the quick response, that means a great deal as well...cc

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